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Attorneys Handling Defamation And Business Disparagement Claims In Austin

Defamation and business disparagement are extremely serious matters for all parties involved. Business disparagement is a result of statements that are intended to cause financial harm. If you or your business is accused of making false oral or written statements disparaging another business or its goods, our law firm can assist you.

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At Wright & Greenhill, P.C., in Austin, our lawyers are experienced in complex civil litigation, including defense of claims of defamation and business disparagement. We assist our clients — who include public officials, professionals and Texas business owners — with reputation management and legal representation in the face of defamation that threatens their reputations, businesses and livelihoods. We can assist you with defamation or disparagement that occurred online or offline.

We also represent honest people who are facing false accusations of libel or slander. Federal and Texas defamation laws are complex, and it takes an experienced attorney to handle claims of libel or slander. Our lawyers will aggressively investigate the matter and take the appropriate steps to correct the wrong and bring restitution.

Intellectual Property

The rise in online communications and social media makes it easier to misappropriate intellectual property like trademarks and copyrighted material. We help our clients meet these challenges, protecting their brands and helping them take legal action against intellectual property violations when appropriate.

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If you have been accused of defamation or business disparagement, it is important to act quickly to begin protecting your rights. Contact Wright & Greenhill, P.C., online or call us at 512-961-4389 or 800-787-9579 toll free to arrange an initial consultation.