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The rapidly changing legal landscape has given rise to new opportunities regarding cannabis. Businesses looking to enter the Texas market face obstacles that must be overcome to be successful. From our Austin offices, the law firm of Wright & Greenhill, P.C., has the experience to counsel new and existing entities in cannabis business law. Our lawyers are on the cutting edge of business law. We have the experience and skill to help any business.

Sound Legal Counsel Is A Necessity

Hemp-based products of all types were illegal under Texas and federal law until fairly recently. Changes in the law have opened markets for some cannabinoid products. Hemp and cannabis products with very low concentrations of THC are no longer defined as marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. A business looking to market or produce legal products must have an excellent understanding of the regulatory framework to avoid potential criminal liability.

A Business Like Any Other

Like any business, those working with cannabis benefit from careful planning. Entity formation, commercial contracts, business disputes and other legal concerns should be handled properly from the outset to maximize the changes of success. Our firm knows Texas business law. We represent businesses of all sizes throughout Texas.

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