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There is no question: When it comes to property development and building construction, any delay means someone is losing money.

When parties on either side of a residential or commercial building project come to a written agreement, they have the right to expect the other party to live up to the agreement’s terms. On any scope of construction project, however, there is often room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding, which can lead to disputes and even lawsuits.

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At Wright & Greenhill, P.C., in Austin, Texas, we represent clients involved in contract disputes within the property development and construction industry. Since 1985, property owners and building professionals have trusted us to find cost-effective, real solutions aimed at resolving the dispute efficiently and getting the project back on track. When a case must proceed to court, our clients can have confidence in our team of seasoned trial lawyers.

Our experience includes resolving disputes such as:

From the moment you meet with us to discuss your dispute or litigation matter, your attorney will work closely with you through the final resolution of your case. We regularly communicate with our clients, keeping them informed and ready with the knowledge necessary when it comes time to decide to settle or proceed further.

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