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The Austin law firm of Wright & Greenhill, P.C., handles a wide variety of business law and commercial litigation matters. Our lawyers have decades of experience advising businesses of all sizes throughout Texas.

Business transaction services provided by the firm include business formation and preparation; review of shareholder, partnership and company operating agreements; negotiation, drafting and review of stock and asset purchase and sale transactions; and contract preparation and review.

  • Entity formation: The type of entity you choose for your business can make a big difference to its operations, management and tax consequences. Depending on your unique circumstances and goals, we will help you choose a corporate form that best suits your needs.
  • Business dissolution: The legal details involved in dissolving a business can be quite complex. One misstep in the process can lead to future complications. We provide guidance to individual business owners and partners when they decide to go their separate ways.
  • Contract disputes: Contracts are the lifeblood of every successful business. When a contract is breached or there is a dispute regarding specific provisions, our attorneys help parties find solutions outside of court, if possible, or represent clients at trial, if necessary.

We also work with clients to resolve specific “one-off” issues and provide general outside legal counsel services.

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From our offices in Austin, we advise and represent owners of small and mid-sized businesses in Central Texas and throughout the state. Call us at 512-961-4389 or 800-787-9579 to schedule a consultation, or send the email contact form to request a return phone call.