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Attorney To Help With Insurance Coverage Issues In The Austin Construction Industry

Insurance coverage for a major property development or construction project is an important factor in the total cost of the project. If damage occurs to the building, materials or equipment before the project is completed and the keys signed over, various interests need to count on getting their claim processed. Insurance companies, however, are frequently difficult to work with, and they often delay or deny claims.

If you are a property owner or developer and need assistance with any issue related to insurance coverage during the construction phase of your project in Texas, call Wright & Greenhill, P.C., in Austin. Our team of construction litigation attorneys maintains a record of successful results in insurance claims litigation dating back to our founding in 1985.

We know the strategies insurance companies use when denying claim coverage in bad faith, and we aggressively work on our clients’ behalf to make sure they receive the policy coverage benefits to which they are entitled.

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