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At Wright & Greenhill, we have a core group of attorneys devoted to construction law. The construction industry is highly complex, with numerous parties each fulfilling its own role. Because of this, it takes a lawyer with industry-specific knowledge to handle construction law matters efficiently.

From our offices in Austin, we represent contractors, subcontractors, developers, property owners, insurance carriers and anyone else who plays a role in the Texas construction industry. We help our clients navigate the legal challenges of construction, including:

Our construction lawyers also have extensive experience representing owners, builders and contractors involved in construction defect claims, often in litigation. We have handled a variety of construction defect claims in high-rise condominiums, large apartment complexes, hospitals, multiphase commercial projects and single-family homes.

We represent construction clients throughout the duration of their projects, helping them enter into strong contracts, navigate the maze of regulations that they encounter along the way and respond to any disputes that arise during or after the project.

Our firm has achieved an unmatched reputation for success that reflects not only our knowledge and skill, but also a strong commitment to remaining accessible, responsive and efficient for our clients.

We offer legal services in Spanish, French .

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