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Considering selling a business?

There are many types of businesses. Some are family traditions passed from one generation to the next. Others are entrepreneurial: built from the ground up, and then it’s time to move on to the next project. When an owner is ready to enter the next phase of life, be it for business or personal reasons, there are important factors to consider if you want to sell the business to a new buyer.

Partnership disputes: A threat to your business?

You and your business partner work together on a wide range of matters in connection to your company. It is natural that you two might not be in total agreement about all aspects of your business. Sometimes, disagreements between business partners are relatively minor and are able to be resolved without much trouble. Other times though, they can grow into full-blown disputes.

3 legitimate reasons to challenge a will

It can be very difficult to prevail when challenging a will, because the court begins with the presumption that the will expresses the deceased's wishes. The will "speaks" for the deceased, and a strong legal argument is needed to get the court to go against what the will says.

6 costly legal mistakes that startup businesses make

When launching a business, owners have a host of things on their "to do" list. There's product development, marketing, sales, computer equipment and a host of other concerns. Legal issues seldom make the list, and if they do, they're not at the top. It's no surprise, then, that small-business owners often make legal mistakes.

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