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Alternatives to going to trial

Companies and individuals in Texas who are looking for alternatives to trial have a couple of options to consider. There are times when arguing a case in a courtroom is a viable option, but it is sometimes unnecessary and results in stress and financial...

The many wonders of successful mediation

Mediation of Texas business disputes is often a successful method used to avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. It can be used as a tool in both small and large commercial disagreements, as well as in noncommercial settings, such as a divorce and...

Is mediation right for you?

As a Texan couple who's working on finalizing a divorce, there are several options you can look into. Mediation could be one of them. At P.C., we lay out all of the benefits of mediation so you can decide if it's the right choice for...

Two tips for a successful mediation

Legal issues can arise in any area of life. A married couple may realize their marriage is no longer working and decide to move forward with a divorce. An employer may believe that an employee is failing to meet the obligations outlined in an employment contract....


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