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Former congressman's staffer fighting to share her story

Most in Austin likely associate confidentiality agreements with businesses hoping to keep former employees from sharing their trade secrets with competitors. Yet such agreements are also common in civil cases. Oftentimes, as a stipulation of a settlement, one side may ask that the other enter into a confidentiality in exchange for other consideration. However, some may view such as agreement as a veritable gag order which forces one side underground while the other is allowed to say whatever it wants. 

New homes. new contracts. same disclosure policies

Buying a new home in Texas can come with a world of advantages, but can also have its fair share of complications. Inspections, remodeling and expenses aside, it can be incredibly frustrating to discover that one of the parties involved has made a mistake on the contract. Of course, fine details can easily go overlooked, but when it comes to disclosure, it is important for new home owners to understand the basics. 

A driver who hit my car had no insurance! Do I have recourse?

If you suffered injury in a Texas car accident but the other driver failed to carry auto liability insurance, you may have an avenue to receive compensation for the resulting damages. Uninsured motorist coverage is a form of auto insurance that covers the purchaser of the insurance in just these kinds of situations.

What are the signs of workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination in Texas can take many forms, but it is important to recognize the warning signs in order to protect yourself and your company from its effects. According to Career Trend, discrimination could have a tremendous effect not only on its victims, but also on your company as a whole. One indication that the employees in your company may be facing discrimination is a lack of productivity and motivation. If your workers feel marginalized regardless of the quality of their work, they may not feel any incentive to complete their projects on time. This could also lead to a higher number of sick days and missed work, creating an overall unproductive environment.

Bump-stock maker sued by mass shooting victims

When one in Austin thinks of a product liability case, he or she might automatically assume that it must involve a product whose defect contributed to a user being harmed. One certainly might not think that having its products perform their intended functions would open up a company to liability. Yet what about cases where an unintended consequence of a products use resulted in injuries to others? 

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

One of the most alarming accusations you could face within your company in Texas involves sexual harassment. Here at Wright and Greenhill P.C., we understand the devastating effects that sexual harassment allegations can have on the workplace, and we actively seek truth and justice. According to IntegrityHR, up to one fifth of all men, and up to two thirds of all women, have been the victims of unsolicited sexual behavior at work. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and your employees, it is important to take some proactive steps.

Consumer protection in Texas

Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices–Consumer Protection Act, consumers may file claims for false or misleading acts that are unlawful under the DTPA. Deceptive acts prohibited under the statute also include statements and practices made in commercial or trade dealings. The statute lists several specific acts but provides that the list is not comprehensive.

What happens when someone backs out of a real estate contract?

A signed contract to buy a home in Texas is a legal document. It means you and the other person have agreed to certain terms that are legally binding. If either of you decides you no longer want to honor the contract, it may be considered a breach.

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