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6 costly legal mistakes that startup businesses make

When launching a business, owners have a host of things on their "to do" list. There's product development, marketing, sales, computer equipment and a host of other concerns. Legal issues seldom make the list, and if they do, they're not at the top. It's no surprise, then, that small-business owners often make legal mistakes.

Common factors that may lead to probate litigation

Probate disputes or litigation is often a last recourse for families of a recently passed loved one. In fact, countless legal documents and wills are drafted precisely to avoid contested probate matters. The classic motivations behind extended litigation may be there: resentment, greed and revenge. However, more often than not, these factors don’t play a role in probate litigation. Rather, the disputes stem from circumstances which, while avoidable prior to the person’s death, are now thrust to the forefront.

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