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Stephen B. Barron and Blair J. Leake successfully defend trial victory at the Fifth Circuit.

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Firm News

Wright & Greenhill, PC attorneys Stephen Barron and Blair Leake prevailed at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this summer. Mr. Barron delivered the appellate arguments to the Court in defense of City of Caldwell Officer Robert Riley Baucom’s victory at trial—wherein a jury determined that Baucom did not use excessive force in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment against a pre-trial detainee in the Burleson County Jail.

On Appeal, Plaintiff’s counsel argued that there was no evidence to support the jury’s verdict, and additionally argued that the trial court’s evidentiary rulings in favor of Officer Baucom amounted to an abuse of the court’s discretion. Additionally, Plaintiff argued that lead trial counsel, Mr. Leake, made inappropriate objections during Plaintiff’s closing arguments.

A Fifth Circuit panel disagreed, and unanimously upheld Officer Baucom’s victory. In so doing, the Court’s Opinion agreed with all of the defense’s appellate arguments, holding that the jury’s no liability verdict was supported by evidence, and that the trial court’s rulings were not erroneous as a matter of law, and that the objections made during closing arguments were warranted and appropriate.

The majority of Mr. Barron and Mr. Leake’s law practice revolves around defending cities, counties, and their employees in lawsuits alleging civil rights violations, personal injury, premises liability, employment law, and numerous others.

Wilson v. Baucom, No. 22-50066, 2023 WL 4288350 (5th Cir. June 30, 2023)