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B. Ross Pringle Wins Defense Verdict in Austin County Jury Trial

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Firm News

Wright & Greenhill was hired 60 days before trial to assume the defense of a serious farm tractor/dump truck accident lawsuit filed two years before in Southeast Texas’ Austin County. Ross Pringle took on the representation and trial preparation of a construction company defendant.

A local farmer was ejected through the glass cab of the tractor 150’ onto a rural highway, sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries, including multiple broken vertebrae and a massive traumatic brain injury which, miraculously and thankfully, healed with minor residual claimed deficiencies. His wife of 50 years asserted consortium and bystander claims from her immediate appearance on scene and mistaken perception that her husband was dead. Virtually all the depositions were completed—except the liability experts for each side—with no time or opportunity for amendment.

The Plaintiffs’ five-member trial team consisted of three skilled local lawyers, a paralegal, and an AV consultant/technician. Attending the proceedings for the defendant were only the company president and Mr. Pringle, who single-handedly conducted all aspects of the trial for the defense: pre-trial motions, jury selection, admission and exclusion of evidence, examination and cross-examination of all witnesses (including multiple experts), trial motions, all matters relating to the jury charge, and the opening and closing statements that bookend such proceedings. With no technical assistance—not even a paralegal—he also met with and prepared witnesses, made copies, redacted evidence, edited video depositions, read deposition excerpts, and operated the courtroom AV equipment. After a five-day trial, the jury concluded on March 31, 2023 that the construction company defendant was NOT negligent, thus clearing our client’s good name and confirming its hard-earned reputation for safe and responsible operation.

Ross Pringle has been a Texas Super Lawyer (Civil Litigation) for nine years and has also been named by Austin Monthly as one of Austin’s Top Attorneys (Appellate) since 2021, representing our clients with recognized skill and ability from the filing of suit through to the Texas Supreme Court. Predictably, his broad skill set serves him well in his expanding mediation practice as time permits.