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How self-defense and excessive force cases are handled

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Municipal Defense

For Texas law enforcement officers who might potentially be accused of excessive force and have to prove self-defense, it’s extremely helpful to have some background knowledge as to how these types of cases are handled. By learning about investigations of excessive force and police brutality, you can better prepare yourself if you’re ever subjected to such accusations.

Texas self-defense and excessive force policies are important information for everyone working in law enforcement to know. Law enforcement officers are brave individuals who put themselves on the front lines every day to protect the rest of us, yet they often deal with claims of brutality and excessive force. In order to be prepared for this eventuality, officers have to be on their guard and arm themselves with knowledge so they know how best to respond both in the moment and in the long-term.

High-profile deaths and injuries of people at the hands of police has served to fuel the fire and deepen the divide of the general public’s view on law enforcement. When trust in the front line of law enforcement is broken, the entire system starts to break down. It’s crucial that the problem is remedied in court with a strong argument.

Self-defense vs. excessive force

In most instances, the same knowledge and experience that helps navigate these municipal defense law cases help with both self-defense and excessive force. Most people working in the legal world are quite familiar with self-defense cases, so it’s easy to find someone who will be able to help you.

The reason for the universal nature of these municipal defense laws comes down to the fact that police officers and regular citizens have the same standards for self-defense. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an officer of the law or your neighbor down the street: people have the right to defend themselves when faced with imminent peril.

Law enforcement officers often have to apply some level of force to protect citizens from criminals. When a police officer is accused of excessive force, it’s essential to have enough knowledge of the law to know the right steps forward in order to navigate the process and protect your professional reputation.