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Construction contract: What should be in it

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Construction Law

If you’re a business owner or contractor in Texas, it’s likely that you’re going to need some sort of construction contract in place before work begins. The contract should consist of common information such as names and anyone associated with the project. However, there are so many more common items that need to be placed in the contract in order to protect both parties. Read on to learn a few more common items found within a construction contract.

Legal term for the property

When it comes to any changes being made to a property, there must be a detailed description of the land within the contract. Construction law states that the description must be made using legal terms. The property’s address should be found within the contract. In terms of the property line, there must be a metes and bounds description added to the contract. This involves the legal outline of the property according to the city or state.

The cost of the project

Within any construction contact, the cost associated with the project should be included. However, there should also be information about how the person hiring the construction company is going to pay. Will they provide the full amount on day one, or will they enter into a payment plan with the construction company?

Description of the project and deadline

Much like the company must know how much it is going to be paid, so is the construction company required to add a description of the work it is going to conduct on the property. In addition, a deadline should be included in the contract.

Right to pause construction

There have been many cases where a payment plan is created between the property owner and the construction company directly in the contract. In the event that the company isn’t being paid on time, it is legally allowed to pause work.

Although contracts are often concrete legal documents, it does not mean that they can’t be challenged. It may be in your best interest to obtain an attorney’s services to ensure that any legal hurdles are taken care of as smoothly as possible.