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Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Civil Litigation

One of the most alarming accusations you could face within your company in Texas involves sexual harassment. Here at Wright and Greenhill P.C., we understand the devastating effects that sexual harassment allegations can have on the workplace, and we actively seek truth and justice. According to IntegrityHR, up to one fifth of all men, and up to two thirds of all women, have been the victims of unsolicited sexual behavior at work. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and your employees, it is important to take some proactive steps.

First, training is essential. The leaders within your company should attend seminars about how to act appropriately at work, as well as how to prevent misconduct among subordinates. Additionally, you should clearly inform all of your employees about the company’s policies regarding interpersonal contact and the level of professionalism you expect at work.

Another important step is to set the right example. As the boss, you should not permit sexually-driven language, even in the form of jokes. Your employees should also feel confident enough in your leadership to report uncomfortable situations to you without fear of backlash from their offenders. Your standard of zero tolerance, in addition to an approachable means of reporting misconduct, may help to mitigate harassment among employees.

Lastly, you may help to prevent harassment through the environment you create for relationships and in social settings. If you choose to allow your employees to date each other, it may be wise to have them sign a waiver in order to protect the company. You should also set clear guidelines for social gatherings, such as office parties, within the company. Even in casual settings when the environment is more relaxed, sexual conduct should not be tolerated. More information about accusations from employees is available on our webpage.