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Signs your business partnership may not be working

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Business Law

If you’ve entered into a partnership, you expect it to give your company an edge. An ideal partnership allows both sides to contribute unique strengths and make each other stronger.

Unfortunately, many partnerships are less than ideal. Here are a few signs your partnership may not be the optimal arrangement for your business:

Equal work isn’t getting done

If you don’t trust your partner with aspects of your business, the partnership isn’t on equal footing. In a balanced partnership, both sides should be able to step in where necessary and help out.

When that’s not the case, it usually means one person is assuming most responsibilities. This unbalanced allocation of responsibility may be okay in the short term. It will begin to wear on both parties over time.

You continually disagree

Arguments can be useful for a company, as they can help the best ideas rise to the surface. Some disagreement is expected, but when you and your partner butt heads over almost every business decision, it’s a sign of deeper conflict.

When the smallest decisions require deep conversation or bargaining, it’s important to examine why that is. When disagreements become more frequent, there’s a chance one partner has lost trust.

They show less interest in the company

Running a business requires laser focus and attention to details. There’s not much room for error in any business. If your partner is beginning to seem uninterested in the company, you may want to consider re-evaluating why you’re partners.

If both sides aren’t fully invested in the business, it leads to strain on the partnership. It can also make uneven workloads for both people, as one partner tries to compensate for the other’s slack.

Taking steps to address an unsatisfactory partnership

If you find yourself recognizing signs that your partnership is no longer viable, it’s important to take appropriate action. An uneven or damaged partnership can hinder the growth of your company. More so, it can hurt any personal relationship you have with your partner.

When your partnership goes sour, seek help. A skilled business attorney can help you determine the best way to dissolve a failed partnership.