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What causes contract disputes?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Construction Disputes

When you hire a contractor to make your Texan dream house a reality, you naturally go in with high expectations. Unfortunately, even if you do all of your research and think you have everything prepared ahead of time, there’s always room for mistakes or misunderstandings within a construction contract. Wright & Greenhill, P.C. are here to help you as you face the difficulties of a contract gone awry.

Construction is a lucrative field involving many professional workers. Big money gets thrown into projects quite often, as you may already know. So what happens if a disagreement breaks out? Common reasons for disagreements between a construction company and you, the customer, revolve around:

  • Payment
  • Work claim disputes
  • Accusations of breaking contract
  • Issues with insurance coverage

Naturally, since the field of construction can be dangerous, construction workers take things like health, safety and payment very seriously. Unfortunately, this can lead you into situations where you’re told you haven’t upheld your end of a contract when you have. There are even some dishonest workers out there who may try to paint you as a villain in order to gain compensation for a wrongdoing that never occurred.

When it comes to solving disputes with your construction company, the legal route may be the best way to go. Any time large sums of money come into the picture, it benefits you to have someone on your side who knows all of the legal workings of contractual obligations. If you’d like to read more about contractual disputes with construction workers or companies, give our web page a look.