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Austin seeing a fair amount of hotel construction lately

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Construction Disputes

Construction projects can take on a very high level of complexity. This can particularly be the case for projects involving the building or renovating of hotels. Hotel construction projects can be large in scale and involve an incredibly wide range of parties.

The complex nature of hotel construction projects can create some special difficulties and concerns when disputes come up in relation to such projects. How these concerns and difficulties are addressed when a dispute comes up can have big impacts on the project as a whole and the interests of each of the parties involved in the project. So, for any person or company involved in a hotel construction project, when a dispute arises involving them in relation to the project, having legal guidance on what they can do to protect their interests during the course of the dispute can be important.

Hotel construction is something the Austin area has been no stranger to in recent years. The area has been seeing something of a hotel boom. And it appears this trend of high levels of hospitality construction is staying strong. A couple examples underscoring this are a couple of planned hotel projects in the area that a recent Austin Business Journal article discussed. The planned projects in question are the building of a boutique hotel in East Austin and the building of a hotel near the airport.

As the hotel construction boom continues in the Austin area, one wonders how common construction disputes will be in relation to hotel projects in the area.

Source: Austin Business Journal, “Another boutique hotel planned amid Austin’s hospitality construction rush, Will Anderson, June 6, 2017