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Common factors that may lead to probate litigation

Probate disputes or litigation is often a last recourse for families of a recently passed loved one. In fact, countless legal documents and wills are drafted precisely to avoid contested probate matters. The classic motivations behind extended litigation may be there: resentment, greed and revenge. However, more often than not, these factors don’t play a role in probate litigation. Rather, the disputes stem from circumstances which, while avoidable prior to the person’s death, are now thrust to the forefront.

While there may be a multitude of reasons for a probate disagreement, some factors tend to appear in cases more frequently than others.

What are the most common causes of construction disputes?

Every day, construction sites around the country are buzzing with labor and planning, as houses, condominiums and other structures are erected. In Texas, and Austin in particular, the construction industry is booming, and individuals are constantly at work. However, the construction process is often far smooth. Even a well planned construction project can run into problems. With so many parties involved, from property owners to contractors to subcontractors, there are plenty of cooks in the kitchen, and plenty of opportunity for a disagreement.

Construction disputes are common. But what are the most common causes of such disputes? The National Real Estate Investor broke down the five most common situations that lead to disputes in the construction field.

An Overview of Auto Insurance: Liability, Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

While most people understand that they are going to need auto insurance in order to legally operate a motor vehicle, it is not always easy to grasp exactly what kind of insurance one should invest in and why. Many different levels of auto insurance provide differing levels of coverage. With so many options, how can any driver choose auto coverage with confidence?

Finding the right amount of auto insurance coverage is a balance between protecting an affected vehicle against potential sources of damage (and the policyholder from any injuries that may result from an accident) and the price of the policy. 

Common Causes of Construction Lawsuits

Many people take it for granted that everything with the building they purchase or construct is going to work perfectly. Unfortunately, this isn't always the reality. Anyone with experience in construction knows that there are numerous challenges that can derail projects and many people have faced unfortunate circumstances where something goes wrong with the foundation or support structures in their building.

While many of these issues are minor inconveniences, some construction issues can lead to structural damages that can place people's health or safety at risk. Other issues can compromise the function of the structure as it was intended to be utilized. What are some of the most common reasons for a lawsuit in the construction industry

What's the difference between arbitration and mediation?

Arbitration and mediation are two types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Most people who choose to utilize these procedures do so because they want to avoid litigation. Litigation can be stressful, unpredictable and extremely expensive. Letting the courts decide your fate in a case is scary because you have zero control over the end result.

Construction disputes and mediation

Nothing slows down a project like a dispute. Supply or site problems can make a job drag on and on but, when there's a dispute, it comes to a grinding halt that throws the whole system out of sync. Budgets skyrocket and legal fees add up.

Disputes cost an estimated $25 million in 2015 in North America, as reported by consulting firm Arcadis. That same report notes an average of 13.5 months per dispute. It's an extensive and messy legal battle that is rarely solved quickly.

Which is why mediation is so important.

Filing a construction lien can protect your investment

Owning and operating a construction company is a tough way to make a living. It means hard work and constant oversight. Between material costs, permits, licenses and employees, the margin for making profit seems to get slimmer each year. Of course, some businesses appear to have money just thrown at them.

That appearance can lead those in construction to put their skill sets to use and broker a deal into ownership of other operations such as restaurants and nightclubs. You come across someone who has a properly zoned building in disrepair and trade your construction skills, labor and materials for a piece of the pie.

However, if you are a partner in the business but not the building, you may find yourself taking a big loss if the operation goes belly up. That's one reason it's important to protect your investment.

Why you should file a lien

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