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Skilled Representation For Professional Liability Claims

Is your professional license in jeopardy because of allegations of malpractice? Did you suffer financial or physical losses after putting your trust in a Texas professional? Are you uncertain how to respond to a request for information from your professional disciplinary board?

Drawing on decades of collective experience and a reputation for excellence, the attorneys of Wright & Greenhill, P.C., in Austin represent professionals and consumers affected by allegations of professional misconduct and losses related to malpractice.

Legal Help When Your Professional Status Is In Jeopardy

Since our firm’s inception in 1985, we have investigated, negotiated, counseled and defended claims asserted against professional organizations and individuals. Over the years, our lawyers have maintained an excellent reputation for obtaining favorable outcomes for our professional clients. Let us help you when you are faced with allegations or claims of wrongdoing.

We understand that you would rather focus on the operation of your business rather than on litigation. Our goal is to provide you with effective, pragmatic legal counsel that minimizes the chances of litigation and helps you do what you do best — run your business. Let us handle the details of your lawsuit, pursuing alternative means of resolution and taking your case to court only when necessary.

The attorneys of Wright & Greenhill, P.C., have had the privilege of representing some of Texas’ most skilled, qualified professionals in the areas of law, medicine, insurance and real estate.

Skilled Guidance For Injured Or Wronged Consumers

Individuals who are affected by misconduct on the part of their trusted professionals also receive skilled representation at Wright & Greenhill, P.C. People trust doctors and medical professionals, attorneys and other licensed professionals to provide them with a certain level of service, expertise and good faith. When that trust is violated, we can help consumers bring a claim for professional malpractice or other related issue.

Contact A Proven Professional Liability Lawyer

Our lawyers combine legal skill honed by decades of experience with industry-specific knowledge that comes from representing some of Texas’ finest businesses and professionals. Matters of professional liability are often highly complex, and we have the skills and background to resolve them effectively and efficiently for our clients.

To learn more, please contact us online or call us at 512-961-4389 or 800-787-9579 to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers.

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