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What activity in my public official capacity could be corruption?

The kinds of activities that can rise to the level of public corruption in Texas are probably as variable as your imagination. What may be proper activities in a non-public-official's life can be entirely illegal once one is a public official.

How is the proper use of public funds in Texas schools assessed?

As a public school official, you understand the responsibilities you have to the residents of Texas. These include both the charge you have to ensure their children have the best possible education, and the appropriate expenditures of the public's tax dollars. Because the former is so dependent on the latter, state laws provide careful definitions and regulations on the proper use of public funds.

Detailing Texas’ bribery statute

As a city official in Austin, you hold the public trust in the palms of your hands. With that trust comes great responsibility, as well as a good deal of scrutiny. Many of those that we here at Wright and Greenhill PC have worked with in the past have seen that scrutiny led to public criticism due to misinterpretations or misrepresentations of their actions. One notion that it seems that the public is persistently on guard against is the appearance of improper influence. Your dealings with certain parties and/or constituents (particularly in cases where money is exchanged) can often lead to baseless accusations of bribery.

What should public entities know about the Texas Tort Claims Act?

If you are a public employee, you may use government-owned vehicles in your daily work. However, if you were to get into an accident or damage someone’s property while using that vehicle, do you know who is held liable? While it is commonly thought that an individual cannot sue the government, this is not true in a situation like this because of the Texas Tort Claims Act.

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