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Terminating contracts for convenience

You likely feel a good level of comfort from knowing that, as a contractor in Austin, your work is secured contractually. This puts you in control of your company's destiny, ensuring that as long as your team is able to meet its obligations, you partner cannot simply back out of your agreement (at least without facing any penalties). Many contractors and companies that we here at Wright & Greenhill PC have worked with in the past have shared this same assumption. However, the law does allow certain parties (government entities in particular) a fair amount of leeway when it comes to getting out of contracts.

How do you handle disputes in a construction project?

As someone involved in Texas' construction industry, you have an intimate understanding of how easily problems between groups of individuals can become complex, messy, and even potentially hazardous in financial terms. Professionals with experience in the construction industry like Wright & Greenhill, PC, will be your best defense in these tricky situations.

Handling a construction dispute properly

When it comes to legal disputes, all types of cases can be challenging. However, those in the construction industry can be especially complex for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, you might be a contractor who is facing legal action due to any number of reasons. On the other hand, you might be a property owner who decided to take a construction company to court. Our law firm knows that it is vital for people who are in the middle of a construction dispute to carefully work through their circumstances and do what they can to achieve a more favorable outcome.

The ins and outs of construction disputes

Disputes related to construction projects are very common, and it is important that construction contractors and owners in Texas understand some typical causes of these disputes so they can be avoided or mitigated. Knowing the best ways to deal with disputes when they do occur is also an important aspect in the industry.

What causes contract disputes?

When you hire a contractor to make your Texan dream house a reality, you naturally go in with high expectations. Unfortunately, even if you do all of your research and think you have everything prepared ahead of time, there's always room for mistakes or misunderstandings within a construction contract. Wright & Greenhill, P.C. are here to help you as you face the difficulties of a contract gone awry.

Austin seeing a fair amount of hotel construction lately

Construction projects can take on a very high level of complexity. This can particularly be the case for projects involving the building or renovating of hotels. Hotel construction projects can be large in scale and involve an incredibly wide range of parties.

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