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Month: January 2018

3 legitimate reasons to challenge a will

It can be very difficult to prevail when challenging a will, because the court begins with the presumption that the will expresses the deceased's wishes. The will "speaks" for the deceased, and a strong legal argument is needed to get the court to go against what the...

Curious about solar power? Here’s a primer

As consumer demand for cleaner energy continues to grow, the installation of solar panels for residential and commercial buildings has become more common. Solar-energy systems are being installed on the roofs of single-family homes and businesses, and utilities...

Keeping small business a success

With all of the perks that can come with running a small business, it is easy to see why so many Texans decide to open their own shops. Social media has also allowed for a plethora of startups to gain widespread attention and popularity. Whether online or brick and...


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