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A driver who hit my car had no insurance! Do I have recourse?

If you suffered injury in a Texas car accident but the other driver failed to carry auto liability insurance, you may have an avenue to receive compensation for the resulting damages. Uninsured motorist coverage is a form of auto insurance that covers the purchaser of the insurance in just these kinds of situations.

What are the signs of workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination in Texas can take many forms, but it is important to recognize the warning signs in order to protect yourself and your company from its effects. According to Career Trend, discrimination could have a tremendous effect not only on its victims, but also on your company as a whole. One indication that the employees in your company may be facing discrimination is a lack of productivity and motivation. If your workers feel marginalized regardless of the quality of their work, they may not feel any incentive to complete their projects on time. This could also lead to a higher number of sick days and missed work, creating an overall unproductive environment.

Understanding deceptive trade practices

Some companies in the state of Texas are guilty of employing unethical business practices in order to manipulate consumers into buying their products or services. According to the Federal Trade Commission Act, these actions can be classified as either deceptive or unfair, and laws have been put into place in order to protect consumers. Deceptive trade practices include a clear attempt to trick consumers, whether by false statements, omission of essential facts or propagandistic attacks on competitors. Unfair practices, on the other hand, can include actions which result in significant harm to the consumers.

How do you handle disputes in a construction project?

As someone involved in Texas' construction industry, you have an intimate understanding of how easily problems between groups of individuals can become complex, messy, and even potentially hazardous in financial terms. Professionals with experience in the construction industry like Wright & Greenhill, PC, will be your best defense in these tricky situations.

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