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October 2017 Archives

Handling a construction dispute properly

When it comes to legal disputes, all types of cases can be challenging. However, those in the construction industry can be especially complex for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, you might be a contractor who is facing legal action due to any number of reasons. On the other hand, you might be a property owner who decided to take a construction company to court. Our law firm knows that it is vital for people who are in the middle of a construction dispute to carefully work through their circumstances and do what they can to achieve a more favorable outcome.

How is the proper use of public funds in Texas schools assessed?

As a public school official, you understand the responsibilities you have to the residents of Texas. These include both the charge you have to ensure their children have the best possible education, and the appropriate expenditures of the public's tax dollars. Because the former is so dependent on the latter, state laws provide careful definitions and regulations on the proper use of public funds.

Bump-stock maker sued by mass shooting victims

When one in Austin thinks of a product liability case, he or she might automatically assume that it must involve a product whose defect contributed to a user being harmed. One certainly might not think that having its products perform their intended functions would open up a company to liability. Yet what about cases where an unintended consequence of a products use resulted in injuries to others? 

Alternatives to going to trial

Companies and individuals in Texas who are looking for alternatives to trial have a couple of options to consider. There are times when arguing a case in a courtroom is a viable option, but it is sometimes unnecessary and results in stress and financial burden.

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