June 2017 Archives

What happens when someone backs out of a real estate contract?

A signed contract to buy a home in Texas is a legal document. It means you and the other person have agreed to certain terms that are legally binding. If either of you decides you no longer want to honor the contract, it may be considered a breach.

Austin seeing a fair amount of hotel construction lately

Construction projects can take on a very high level of complexity. This can particularly be the case for projects involving the building or renovating of hotels. Hotel construction projects can be large in scale and involve an incredibly wide range of parties.

Two tips for a successful mediation

Legal issues can arise in any area of life. A married couple may realize their marriage is no longer working and decide to move forward with a divorce. An employer may believe that an employee is failing to meet the obligations outlined in an employment contract. Whatever the legal issue, it is important for those who want to resolve the problem to know that these issues are more likely to move forward with a form of alternative dispute resolution as opposed to traditional litigation.

What should public entities know about the Texas Tort Claims Act?

If you are a public employee, you may use government-owned vehicles in your daily work. However, if you were to get into an accident or damage someone’s property while using that vehicle, do you know who is held liable? While it is commonly thought that an individual cannot sue the government, this is not true in a situation like this because of the Texas Tort Claims Act.

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